Young Photographer: Getting started – Nov 2020

 We hope students and club members are begining to get ideas about suitable subjects to photograph for the “Wild Nature” competition.

Don’t miss an opportunity

Often it can be a chance sighting that leads to a great photo 🙂   It’s  good to get the perfect lighting and the perfect angle and distance – but animals don’t tend to hang around whilst you fiddle with your phone or camera! So – don’t miss  an opportunity altogether by waiting for the perfect shot.  Nowadays photos can often be reframed or the lighting  improved later on a computer.

Learn about depth of field

For older entrants or those using a more sophisticated camera – if you don’t already understand the concept of depth of field it would be worth reading up about it.

Basically a wide the lens aperture gives a narrow depth of field – where only the content a specific distance away is in focus. A small aperture gives a deep depth of field with pretty much everything in focus.  Both are useful but a narrow depth of field can ‘spotlight’ your intended subject uncluttered by the background.

Shutter Speed

If you’re photographing  fast-moving animals – like flying birds – you’ll need a high shutter speed (and maybe panning)  if the photo is not to be blurred. (Some photos deliberately don’t use a high shutter speed in order to  introduce blurring to create the idea of speed.)

Smartphones usually have ‘settings’ that can be changed.

Smartphones often have a zoom facility using finger movements on the screen  that can be useful. They will also have other options you might want to learn about and experiment with. These vary according to the make and model of phone.

Meeting the criteria for the competition

The competition title is Wild Nature. Remember that you have to include a statement to explain why you think your photos comply with this title.

A few local photos

Below are a few photos taken by some of our not so youthful members of Banbury Rotary Club. We include them not because they are great photos but because – with a few exceptions –  they were obtained at or very close to home.


For full details and to register a school or club to take part visit:

Club launches Young Photographer – Oct 2020

Our work with young people through schools and local clubs is really important to us but has been made impossible this year by the pandemic.

In seeking to retain our contact with the above the club has launched the Young Photographer Competition: something that can be done within the current Covid constraints that should not impose too  much of an additional burden on teachers or club leaders.

It may be taken up by schools, clubs or individuals and the details of how to enter can be found on our website here.

YoungPhotographer – Rules and Registering

This competition should preferably be entered through schools or youth clubs although entries can be submitted direct to the address at the bottom of this page.

Entries will be required as prints on photographic paper. (If you can’t do this at home it can be done, at stores such as Tesco or through various online photographic shops.)

The winning photo for each age group will also be required in a digital format to go forward to the district and national finals. (You can read the full Rules’ here.)

1. Schools or clubs should register an interest by:

You can register in less than a minute by completing the online form here

2. Young people can submit their application forms and photographs preferably

via the school or club or direct to the address below.


3. Winning photos in each age group will be submitted on to the district competition by


4.Winners of the district finals will be submitted on to the national competition by



Each entry will consist of

  • A properly completed application form including a parent or guardian signature and contact details
  • Three different prints of photos on the theme of ‘wild nature’
  • A brief statement about each photo making clear how it relates to the theme.

Entries (photographic prints, statements and an application form) should be sent to: Tim Bryce, 49 Spencer Court, Britannia Road, Banbury. OX16 5EZ.

Thankyou for your interest. 🙂