Fun & Fellowship Events

Whilst the basis of Rotary is “Service above Self”  that certainly doesn’t mean members don’t have a lot of fun through talks, visits, exchanges and other fellowship activities.

Inevitably the first part of 2020 has been severely affected by the Covid-19 situation.

Talk: You and Your Hormones – Nov 2020

Talk – Carbon Income and Carbon Tax – Nov 2020

Talk – Opera Anywhere – 6th Nov 2020

Talk – Women and Peace – 30th Oct 2020

Talk – The History of Gin – Oct 2020

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Paul Harris Award to Surinder Dhesi – 23 Oct 2020

Talk: Age Friendly Banbury – 16th Oct 2020

Covid Detection Dogs – Oct 2020

Together Talks: 20th Oct 2020

Talk – Great great Uncle Tom!

Talk – An Industrial Accident – 9th Oct 2020

Happy 85th Birthday to us – 24th Sept 2020

Managing a Whitehall Crisis

The Sikh Contributions to WWI &II

Transition to Sustainable Transport – 28th Aug 2020