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Fun & Fellowship Events

Whilst the basis of Rotary is “Service above Self”  that certainly doesn’t mean members don’t have a lot of fun through talks, visits, exchanges and other fellowship activities.

Inevitably 2020 / 21 was severely affected by the Covid-19 situation but most members kept in regular touch either by phone, through zoom meetings or as a result of those activities we’ were able to run despite (or in some cases because of) the pandemic.

After losing some members the club has now ‘bounced back’ and is now happily growing in size.That’s because fun is factored in! Some events are of themselves joyous and uplifting – like the children’s singing concerts. Helping communities can also provide it’s own ‘dopamine reward’ – but we leave nothing to chance: our social events and weekly meetings – may retain a veneer of formality – but are predominantly FUN

Skittles Fun – Nov 2023

Carol Service – 10 Dec 2023

Duty Rotas – Nov/Dec 2023

Speaker Report:  Club Membership – Nov 2023

Theatre Comedy Trip – 25 Apr 2024

Christmas Meal – 15th Dec 2023

Members’ Skittles Eve – 23 Nov 2023

Speaker Report: Prabhu Natarajan – 27 Oct 2023

Rugby Social: A Meat Pie Event! Oct 2023

Speaker Report: The Wintergardens – Oct 2023

H.N. Brewery visit – Oct 2023

“Fifth Friday” Social event – 29 Sept 2023

Social for members, friends & family – 29 Sept 2023

Speaker Report – Radio Horton – 8 Sept 2023

Members’ rugby event – Oct 21 2023

Brewery Tour & Lunch – 11th Oct 2023