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Young Photographer Winners – May 2021

Congratulations to the winners of the Banbury Young Photographer competition.
(Please note the photos have been optimised for the web and so may not be as ‘crisp’ as the originals.)

We are indebted to Harry Rhodes of Tudor Photography for leading a team of judges and to Rotarian and photographer Tim Bryce who took the lead role in organising this event.

Thanks also to the schools and clubs that encouraged youngsters to participate despite the difficult conditions prevailing through the pandemic.


In the intermediate category the winner was  Hollie Hughes of Chenderit School
Here are her portfolio entries:


The runner-up in this category was Ellis Talbot of Bloxham 1st Scout Troop.



In the junior category the winner was Finn Tibbetts of St John’s Priory School.
Here are his portfolio entries.


The runner-up in this category was Jasmine Mowat of Kings Sutton Primary School.


And next …..

The winning entries will go forward to the area finals and – if successful – on to the national finals.

7 thoughts on “Young Photographer Winners – May 2021”

  1. Well done Hollie so talented, my favourite is the excellent photo of a Robin. Really good use of light in all 3 photos

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