Inevitably Covid-19 has had a major impact upon our ability to function at normal levels.

We are, however, still functioning 🙂

Thank you Banbury – Christmas Collection Final Day

Local Charity receives awards – Dec 2020

Changed Christmas Collections – Dec 2020

Christmas Appeal – Dec 2020

Rotary – brightening up Banbury Oct 2020

Town Hall Lit up for Remembrance

Three Peaks, Three Choirs,

Track Trace App Available – Sept 2020

The Community and Vocational Committee is the well-known face of Rotary which involves giving help and assistance to the aged; those with disabilities or infirmities; young people and those in need, either directly or through other local charitable organisations.

Although Covid-19 has severely curtailed our activities so far this year (2020)  typically they tend to have have two themes:

Firstly it is our intention to continue with:

a. Raising funds at the Canal Day to support Katharine House Hospice and other local charities.

b. The Xmas street organ charity collection at Sainsburys and Tesco and hopefully Aldi during December. Dates have yet to be agreed.

c. The provision of stewards at the Banbury Show.


e. To consider requests for financial help especially from those truly deserving causes , where a little help can make significant changes to local individuals/small charitable organisations.

f. To support requests, where possible, from locally centred charities and service organisations to provide help in running their events. Examples of this would be assisting as stewards/marshals/ manning checkpoints.

Sadly it is not always possible to support all the requests for help with the finite resources we have available to us.

To deliver on all these activities requires all Rotarians to continue to give up a little of their time and energy, the results of which can be truly satisfying and great fun achieving.

Other Projects/Organisations Helped from Previous Years

Purchase of specialised equipment for the disabled; Dogs for the Disabled; Banbury Show; Stroke Awareness Day; Beacon Centre; Age UK (Banbury); Samaritans; Paint for local school; Mess tent for Scouts.