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Associated Clubs

Daughter and other Associated Clubs

The Rotary Club of Oxford is the Mother Club of the Rotary Club of Banbury, since its formation the Rotary Club of Banbury has been very fortunate in forming a number of daughter clubs and has been involved in forming other associated clubs:

The Inner Wheel Club of Banbury – Chartered 20th October 1946

Banbury Round Table No 379 – Chartered 1952

The Rotary Club of Bicester – Chartered 7th April 1954

The Rotary Club of Chipping Norton – Chartered 12th October 1967

The Compton Club of Banbury (Probus) – 1970

The Rotaract Club of Banbury – Chartered 27th October 1971

The Rotary Club of Banbury Cherwell – Chartered 21st October 1997

Contact Clubs

In June 1959, The Rotary Club of Banbury together with four European Rotary Club’s formed a “Contact” link in which each club takes it in turn to host the other four clubs on one weekend a year, usually Ascension Weekend.

These Contact clubs are:

Biella in Italy

Aalen Heidenheim in Germany

Olten in Switzerland

Villefranche en Beaujolais in France

Other Banbury Service Clubs

Banbury Cross Round Table No 1179

Banbury Ladies Circle

Banbury 41 Club Ex-Tablers

Banbury Tangent Club – (Ex Ladies Circle Members)

Banbury Lions Club