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Young Photographer – smartphones?

If you are of the older generations – many a good photograph was missed because you simply didn’t have a camera on you at the right time.
If you are of the younger generations – chances are – you’ve got a really good camera on you almost all the time!

So – could photos taken on a smartphone win the Young Photographer competition?    You bet they can!
Digital photography achieved a kind of parity in definition with 35mm photography at the 6–10 Megapixel  point, which all smartphones now exceed. (e.g. the writer’s mid-priced phone has 48Mp resolution.)

Smartphones also tend to have ‘smarter’ autofocus than many cameras do.   What they may lack is the extent of control of things like aperture, depth of field etc although increasingly it may be possible to at least partly compensate for this by adjustments to the image after the photograph has been taken. (Tell us if you do this.)

So – could you win the competition with photos from your smartphone?  In a word – YES. You bet!

In this post you see so few landscape photos recently taken by a member on their smartphones. (Don’t worry! They’re much too old to enter this competition! )

So – Get snapping and submit your photos. They can be of any attractive landscape scene and there’s plenty of those around Banburyshire!

For full details click here.

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