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Reform Club Visit – 4 Apr 2024

(Okay – we admit it!  The above picture isn’t the Reform Club – it’s generated by AI.)

Note – Change from first advertised date.  Now 4th April 2024

Our club has an opportunity to have lunch in one of London’s most famous and elegant clubs  It is situated in Pall Mall and after lunch one can  spend a full afternoon exploring its history, architecture and some insights into its past membership as well a its relevance to 2024.
Originally set up in 1836 by Whigs and Radicals M.P.s  as a place for radical and liberal debate and to support the continued implementation of the 1832 Reform Act. Nowadays the club no longer has  political affiliations and is purely social.
Little known facts are that scenes from two James Bond movies were shot here as well as it being the start and end of the epic story “Around The World in 80 Days”.  It also has many proud boasts including that of being one of the first ‘gentlemen’s clubs’ to admit women on equal terms in 1981 and of  probably having the largest private library in London with over 85,000 books and a full-time librarian..
It’s numerous societies benefit from the eclectic mix of members and their ability to draw high level expert speakers into their calendar of events. Debate is encouraged in an atmosphere of trust and confidentiality.

Numbers are limited and so the visit is restricted to members of Banbury Rotary Club only: i.e.not partners or friends – at least in the first instance.
Contact Martin if interested.

A social visit for members only is planned to the Reform Club, London.
Numbers will be strictly limited to 5
The date is 4th April  2024 so if you are interested pop it in your diary.

No cost of entry:  just pay for your own lunch.

Contact Martin P if interested.

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