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Theatre Comedy Trip – 25 Apr 2024

J B is exploring a theatre trip to see the comedy  “King Arthur” at the Derngate in Northampton on Thursday 25th April.
Club members – please get in touch with J B if interested.
Tickets should be around £27 including a group discount.
There weill be an additional cost for coach hire in the event numbers make this a viable proposition.

The Kings of Comedy, Le Navet Bete, return to the stage of the Derngate Theatre, Northampton with a brand-new comedy for the ages.

This hilarious retelling of the Arthurian legends, suitable for the whole family, will have audiences crying with laughter and become part of the legend themselves!

Camelot is in trouble. King Arthur knows that if he doesn’t turn things around, this civilisation will be forgotten, and be known as nothing more than a rather dull time in British history. But when three hapless squires approach him about changing that legacy… a legend is born.


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