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Speaker Report – European Exchange – 9 to 12 May 2024

What is Contact?

Martin Phillips provided an update on the Europen Exchange known within the club as “Contact”

In the aftermath of World War II Banbury Rotary Club established a five-way “Contact Club” engaging Rotary Club members in four other European countries

Seventy years later that “Contact Club” continues unabated with annual meet-ups every year except for the pandemic years.

What countries are involved?

Four countries plus the UK:

  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Switzerland

Where will they stay?

Either in the homes of club members or at the Premier Inn although this has to be finally confirmed. (The changing availability of large hotels in Banbury has posed a bit of a challenge.)

How many will there be?

We do not yet have exact numbers but around 80 would seem a sensible best-guess.

What’s the programme for the stay?

On the Friday there will be a whole day trip to Bleheim Palace.

Saturday starts with a factory visit to ProDrive

Sulgrave Manor - - 412368

Followed by a visit to the birthplace of George Wasdhington – Sulgrave Manor

Saturday Evening there will be a Grand Finale at the Town Hall


And on Sunday our guests head back to the airport or ferry.

Can you Help?

If you are a member who can accommodate one or more guests please let Martin Phillips know as this will sgnificanatly help with the planning.

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