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Eradicating Polio – the reality! April 2024


The world is so close to ending polio. But as long as the virus exists in just one corner of the globe, it can spread, unraveling decades of hard-won progress.
Two polio survivors and a UNICEF officer on the frontlines of vaccination efforts share their stories.   While their experiences vary, their message is the same: Everyone, everywhere should be vaccinated against this preventable disease.

Read the full stories from the United Nations Foundation website here.

Banbury Rotary Club continues to contribute to the Rotary Foundation which is the prime driver for the eradication of this rettible disease.
We are a club with over 50 members but we have such a full calendar of activities that we’re always looking for new active people to join. Your gender, ethnicity, job or religion is of no relevance to us but if you’re the sort of person who likes to support your community and get things done – we’d love to talk to you! Speak to a Rotary member or contact us through the website.

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