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Young Chef Results – 16 Jan 2024

Just some of the meals prepared by the nine Young Chefs

Our Young Chef competition exists to provide new development opportunities to secondary school students in relation to discovering healthy and practical menus for family and guests and, of course, cooking these.

There are ‘heats’ at local (club) and district (Thames Valley) level leading to a National final held in Warwickshire in April 2024 to select a winner who is awarded a work experience opportunity in the sponsors Central London Restaurant

Back here in Banbury – at the kitchens of the Wykham Park Academy’s Futures Institute – delicious smells of expertly cooked food waft around as a group of nine young people compete for the title of Banbury Rotary Young Chef.

Combine the tension of “Master Chef” with the enthusiasm of youth and you have: Banbury Rotary Young Chef!

Timing is eveything as each young chef struggles to deliver their delicious ”meal for two’ within the strictly controlled 2 hour time limit.

Three experienced judges, Jim Cunningham, Paul Clement and Annie Gayton, oversee everything. before gathering together to evaluate each young chef’s meal and arrive at the onerous decision as to which of the nine competitors are to be the winner and runner up.

And eventually the white smoke rises (not literally!) as the judges announce the runner-up, Harry Phillips, aged 14 who receives his certificate from Cllr Mike Bishop.

THE WINNER – Bridget Harper is also aged 14.

Both Harry and Bridget will now progress to the Thames Valley District heats to be held at Newbury College on Saturday 24th February.2024

Thanks to the competitors for taking part and their parents and schools for the support they clearly provided.

Especial thanks also to Cllr Mike Bishop and his wife. Mike stood in at short notice to make the presentations following the unexpected news that Banbury Town Mayor, Fiaz Ahmed – who was meant to be presenting the certificates – was unable to get back to the UK in time because of a cancelled flight.

Thanks also to Wykham Park Academy’s Futures institute for kindly providing the excellent venue.

Thanks to Rotarian Bernard Goodchild who bore much of the load of organising the event and to theother members of Rotary and their partners who’s presence enabled the event to take place.

Banbury Rotary Club is a club with over 50 members but we have such a full calendar of activities that we’re always looking for new active people to join. Your gender, ethnicity, job or religion is of no relevance to us but if you’re the sort of person who likes to support your community and get things done – we’d love to talk to you! Speak to a Rotary member or contact us through the website.

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