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World Immunisation Week -24 to 30 April

Getting covid jabs into people’s arms resulted in many other immunisation schemes going ‘on-hold’ through the pandemic. World Immunisation Week was an attempt to highlight the need to get back on track.

This even applies in the UK where people are being urged to check their child’s MMR injections are up to date to avoid measles outbreaks.

Rotary has for many years had the aim of ridding the world of polio through a worldwide vaccination programme and that massive goal is achieved but for some areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan.   When we immunise a child against Polio in most places in the world we paint their finger purple so we can identify who has received the vaccine. This has led to the expression “Purple for Polio” and Banbury Rotary have planted thousands of purple crocuses around the town to both cheer-up areas and symbolise our efforts with the vaccination programme. We’ve also run Crocus Concerts to raise money for the vaccination effort.

Three Banbury Representatives recently attended a Thames Valley District Rotary meeting in Henley and at the end some members just couldn’t resist another chance to draw attention to the immunisation programme!


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