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Thanks from Nieman-Pick Society – Aug 2023

Below – Response to Banbury Rotary from Nieman-Pick UK following our donation.


Wow! Thank you to all of you at Banbury Rotary Club for such a generous donation to NPUK.

It really will make such a difference to our small charity.

Fundraising Officer NPUK


NP stands for Nieman-Pick Diseases which are a group of rare and devastating inherited disorders that can affect both children and adults. Diagnosis often relies on DNA analysis.

NPUK are dedicated to supporting the individuals, families and friends affected by these uncurable conditions.

  • Nieman Pick (A) results in a progressive loss of motor skills and a failure to thrive normally leading to  death by two to five years of age
  • Nieman Pick (B) symptoms include progressive enlargement of organs, bleeding, bone pain and and susceptibility to respiratory infections. Most patients survive into adulthood, but with significant health problems.
  • Nieman Pick (C) is primarily a neurodegenerative disease affecting posture, speech and movement. The age of onset and rate of disease progression can vary greatly from person to person.

You can read more at the NPUK site here.


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