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10 mile Sponsored Walk – June 2023

EVERY day secondary students walk up to 5 miles each way to attend classes as there is no secondary school in their community.

In a place without the ‘school run’, with no school buses, high poverty, low bike (bicycle) ownership, this is tough on the students, particularly if their walk to school is through unsafe areas.

This is a serious barrier to accessing secondary level schooling.

Statistics from UNICEF in 2022 show that in Sierra Leone only 64% of children finish primary school (age 11); 44% lower secondary; and only 22% complete upper secondary.

I am currently funding the building of a small secondary school in Konno Town and have purchased a quarter of an acre plot and had a matching amount donated by the community.

Initially we are building 2 classrooms, an office, staffroom and a toilet block and plan to develop this further as funds permit.

EVERY £ raised from the walk will go directly to the project and so far £3,960 of the target £4100 has been raised.

For more info visit: . Another £140 will get us to the target!

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