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RVS Dementia Support – July 2023


Historically, the Royal Voluntary Service has provided a valuable service to the older people in Banbury.  This is even more vital since the Covid lockdowns which tied everyone into their homes causing dramatic increases in deteriorating physical and mental health, depression and loneliness.  This continues for those frightened by the impact of Covid and the Royal Voluntary Service is steadily improving the lives of those affected by Covid.

Here there is a warm welcome for anyone entering the Cornhill Centre.  There is a multitude of services on offer, from singing, art, dancing, a games club and a seated exercise class; there is a befriending service, an advice service, a café and a social dining experience.  Importantly there is a choice of Day Centres on offer where anyone can find interesting conversations, games aimed at stimulating the brain and the body, enjoy a hot meal and a refreshing cup of tea.  Everyone can make friends and find support.

For those living with Dementia we offer two Day Centres and a monthly coffee morning. The aim of these two groups is not just to provide stimulation, entertainment and security for the person living with dementia but also offer a respite for their Carers.  The monthly coffee morning is to encourage anyone to come and talk about dementia.

We all know dementia is on the increase.  The longer we live, the more people will be affected it.  We can’t stop that rise, but we can challenge the stigma and discrimination associated with it.

Our goal at the RVS in Banbury is to build up a dementia friendly community.  Our Day Centres and monthly café morning are made safe and supportive to allow all people to integrate with those living with dementia be they workers, Carers or visitors.   We believe this approach is vital to develop the acknowledgement and compassion needed to reduce the stigma encountered by people living with dementia.

Our method is to make the activities in our Day Centres fun, relevant, stimulating and safe. Carers are then free to have some respite, or to stay, receive support and always a warm welcome.  We aim to develop awareness of dementia with Carers, workers and any interested party by linking with other professionals in Banbury.  By promoting the ethos that ‘We All Have A Right To Be Here’, we will challenge the stigmatization of dementia and promote positivity within the wider community.

All our endeavours cost money, obviously, so we must seek funding and have been lucky enough to receive donations from clients and their families, local charities of which the local branch of the Rotary Club has played a significant role, national government and the RVS.  To sustain our offer of services we always seek more funding, but as importantly we also need more volunteers.

We want more volunteers to help us keep going with current and future services.  We need volunteers to work in the café, to support in the groups, to simply sit and chat, to transport clients, to do some admin, (the list is long) or we will not be able to offer any of the services above at all.

For more information please visit or call the Royal Volunteer Service, Cornhill Centre, Banbury on 01295 264214.


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