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Rotary Radio UK – May 2023

Photo courtesy of Alan Levine

Members may not know about Rotary Radio UK.

It’s based at The Oast in Sittingbourne, Kent and is the official station devoted to promoting UK and Foundation Rotary events and causes across the World, all to the tune of the music you love.

It’s predominantly  music. ( You’ll doubtless be dissappointed to hear that the inane chat that often seems mandatory for music stations is entirely absent!!!)

Instead, the relatively small amount of speech is mainly dedicated to information about Rotary events or other organisations that Rotary works with.

There is quite a variety of music most of which is very listenable.

If you have a smart speaker or Amazon device try ” Play Rotary Radio UK.”

Other ways of listening (e.g. via your PC, laptop or smart TV) are set out here.

If you’re currently on a PC or laptop you could try clicking here.

Why not give it a try?


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