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Rotary and Shelter Box Earthquake help – Feb 2023

Photo Pexels Khaled Acacha


We are launching an emergency appeal to help people survive this terrible disaster, and others like it.  You can donate to this here:

ShelterBox is sending an emergency response team to Türkiye to understand which communities are most in need. We are liaising with three District Governors in Türkiye to understand the situation on the ground and establish how we could best work together to support people in need.

Items like tents and shelter kits, stoves, thermal blankets and clothing could help people stay warm through the freezing winter nights. Cash could help people buy what they need to survive. Or solar lights could help people when there is no electricity.

Thanks to support from Rotary members across the country, we are able to respond quickly to disasters like this.

Rotary has also established a disaster recovery fund to helping people re-establish after the emergency work has been completed.  You can donate to this here:

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