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Banbury Help for Children in Ukraine – May 2023

Rotary has been heavily involved in support for Ukraine. Over the last 12 months, Rotary has donated over £6m in cash and kind, and given more than 100,000 volunteer hours supporting Ukraine and its people.
There is a Rotary National Ukraine Crisis Taskforce overseeing assistance at national level but many Rotary Distrcts and clubs have engaged in additional projects. Just a few examples are shown below

A recent initiative from Rotary East Anglia is a project to purchase KEEP OUT warning signs. Mines and unexploded ordnance is now a huge danger with many children at play being the casualties.

Banbury Rotary Club has just funded forty such KEEP OUT signs to help keep children away from mined areas.

A group called Rotary and Ukraine Friends has sent a fleet of 40 ambulances.

Alongside is a photo from members of Cambridge Rotary who were active participants in the project.. (Photo from Cambridge Rotary)

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Rotary Thames Valley – to which Banbury Rotary Club contributes – have sent several large generators to power hospitals in Ukraine following Russian attacks on Ukranian infrastructure.

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Rotary Great Britain and Ireland has provided hundreds of prefabricated buildings to house people in Moschchun where 80% of what was a peaceful village was devastated by Russian shelling of civilian areas.

The UK Rotary National Ukraine Crisis Taskforce coordinated the project and Members of Rotary in Ukraine worked to clear the debris to enable the prefabs to be erected.

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