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Generators for Ukraine – Jan 32023

In December Rotary in the Thames Valley decided to raise funds to buy and send Generators to Ukraine.
We thought that there could be Rotarians and their friends who may not need all of the Winter Fuel Payment that they were receiving from the DWP and they would be prepared to donate some or all of it to provide Ukrainians with some heat and light this winter.
We launched this appeal in the middle of December and now the donations have reached £7.500 with a further £1,500 added by the Gift Aid given as single donations. We hope to raise enough to buy generators that are large enough to power hospitals, care homes or schools.
You can read about the resources that Rotary has already supplied to Ukraine through its International Rotary Fellowship of Healthcare Professionals (IRFHC) here:
On this page you can also read about this appeal and make a donation, and Gift Aid it, if you are so minded.

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