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Banbury Rotary Plastic Blitz – 27th May 2023

The need to Support the Environment is something all Rotary clubs will have been aware of for a long time but it’s only relatively recently that Rotary International has specifically made it a key area of focus.

As part of this commitment members of Banbury Rotary Club spent Saturday 27th May working to clear litter and debris along a sizeable stretch of the Oxford Canal tow path and the banks of the River Cherwell running adjacent to it.

The official name of the project was “Plastic Blitz” and much plastic rubbish was collected but the total haul included shopping trolleys, road barriers, traffic cones, and countless other forms of debris hauled from the watercourses

Help from Banbury Town Council’s Park Ranger Team, who provided heavy-lifting equipment to remove heavier objects, was greatly appreciated.

We also thank Cherwell District Council for kindly providing gloves and litter pickers.

By the end of the session the Town Council’s small lorry, was crammed absolutely full of heavy items and debris hauled from water as well as thirteen large sacks of rubbish collected from the banks and tow path.

If you’re an individual keen to improve your local community whilst enjoying some fun company, you should consider becoming a member or friend of Banbury Rotary Club. To find out more Email us and we’ll get back to you.

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