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Banbury Rotary International Links Sustained – May 2023

International exchanges are said to be valuable because they help to increase understanding and tolerance of other cultures and offer a new perspective on the world that can promote peace and understanding.

After World War II Banbury Rotary Club established a five-way “Contact Club” engaging Rotary Club members in four other European countries (Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland.) 

Seventy years later that “Contact Club” continues unabated with annual meet-ups every year except for the pandemic years. This year the meet-up was in Olten, Switzerland and next year it’s here in Banbury. To our knowledge, no other group of Rotary clubs in the world has sustained this level of ongoing contact.

Below are a few informal photos of the Swiss event.

Thanks to everyone who shared photos

One of the seven areas of focus of Rotary is “Peace and Conflict Prevention.”   Sustaining our Contact Club” is perhaps a part of our contribution towards this. Certainly the recent invasion of Ukraine highlights the need to not take for granted international understanding and goodwill – even in Europe!.

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