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Talk – Why learn to drive on a simulator?- 4 Nov 2022

What a good idea! After all, if airline pilots can be taught on a simulator, why not car drivers? Let’s face it, when we first sat behind a steering wheel, we were nervous enough trying to understand the controls never mind dealing with traffic for the first time.

Our speaker on Friday 4th November was Andy Malyinko, has 20 years’ experience as a driving instructor, but due to the covid lockdown he had to consider other ways to continue his business. Having previously been involved in the high-end computer and communications industry and a fan of the expanding car racing games market he put two and two together.

He invested in a simulator which combines all the controls of a road going car (clutch, brakes, gears etc.) which enables him to teach his pupils how to use and get familiar with all the controls before venturing into traffic. Much safer and less stressful for the learner and easier on the pocket.

Take a look at his website,, or give him a ring on 07776 300857 for more information.

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