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Talk: Volunteer Driver Service – 14 Oct 2022


On Friday October14th our speaker Friday Keith Davies gave a very thorough and interesting talk  to members about the Volunteer Driver Service  (VDS) North Oxfordshire 


VDS was established in April 2012 as a project of Citizens Advice. Volunteer

Drivers use their own cars to take people to appointments when there is no reasonable alternative transport available and give their time without charge.

Passengers pay a mileage fee direct to the driver at the time of the journey to help cover the drivers fuel cost and that fee starts from the drivers home.

VDS try to match the client with the nearest available driver. The service is open to anyone living in the Cherwell District.

During Covid lockdown the Charity stopped transporting people and concentrated on delivering food parcels to the community.

They also work closely with South Central Ambulance Service and in fact have received an award from them in recognition of the outstanding service and commitment VDS gives to the ambulance service. In using VDS South Central are able to relieve  pressure on their ambulances.

Last month the Volunteer Drivers covered around 26,000 miles and are currently looking to attract more drivers.

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