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Blister-pack recycling to support Marie Curie – Aug 2021


Banbury Rotary is encouraging both Rotary members and the public at large to recycle the blister-packs that tablets now tend to come in. (Obviously, the first thing is to make sure they have no tablets left in them!)


Blister packs are made of a complex mix of difficult-to-recycle materials required to protect medicines, including plastic and aluminum foil, which are not accepted by most council recycling systems so end up in household waste.

Not only is this new scheme good for thre environment: it also raises funds for the Marie Curie who provide care and support for people living with any terminal illness, and their families. Last year they cared for over 40000 people across the UK.   It’s a win-win for everyone concerned.

Who and How?

Rotary members can bring the empty packs to Rotary meetings.

The general public can drop them off at Superdrug who have a collection box which – at the time of writing – is at the end of the Pharmacy counter.

We will be seeking to encourage (doctors surgeries, pharmacies, sheltered housing etc ) to engage with the project.

  • If you want to know more about the project you can read it here.
  • If you need to find your nearest Superdrug address or opening hours – click here.
  • If you think you could host a blister pack collection box contact us here

A Closer Look

If you like detail – here’s a closer look at what actually happens!

Most councils cannot recycle blister packs
Under this scheme the packaging can be re-cycled into re-usable raw materials preventing them going to landfill.
Blister packs typically consist of plastic (usually PET or PVC) and aluminium.
They are separated by plastic type and cleaned (if necessary).
The material is then extruded into plastic pellets to make new recycled products.
The aluminium content is separated & for every kilo collected Marie Curie receive a donation

4 thoughts on “Blister-pack recycling to support Marie Curie – Aug 2021”

  1. Teresa Shakespeare-Smith

    How can independent pharmacies join this scheme please? I work as a locum pharmacist for 2 companies. They generate loads of empty blister packs making up dosette boxes for private patients and residential homes. Is it possible to get collection boxes for them? I’d love to help Marie Curie, and reduce waste going into landfill! I’m sure our customers would also like to recycle their blister packs too. Thank you.

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