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Zoom Advice – May 2020

Besides the main meetings a lot of sub-groups are meeting using Zoom.

Rotary has highlighted advice on how to set up and run these meetings safely.

You can download the full document here but some key points include:

  • Ensure you have downloaded the latest version of Zoom. Updates were made early April 2020 onwards to upgrade security functions.
  • Use a strong password and not the same one as you use for other online accounts.
  • Never share meeting details on social media or public forums, it allows public access into your meetings. Send your meeting invitations only to the people you want to attend.
  • Protect meetings with a ‘Generate Automatically’ Meeting ID (don’t use the personal one)
  • Always use a ‘Meeting Password’.
  • Always use ‘Waiting Room’ – Take control of who joins your meetings. Set this as a default, it allows the Host to see who’s in the waiting room and allows you to ‘admit’ them to the meeting.
  • Host to consider using ‘Mute everyone’ to block out any inappropriate noise during presentations.
  • Share Screen option – set “who can share screen” option to ‘host only’. This will give added control as to who can share screens, otherwise any participant can start sharing their screen during your presentation!
  • Screen sharing – As host, if you share your screen bear in mind what else you have open, close other windows/applications not required. If used, don’t forget to switch off Outlook pop up messages for email.
  • When in a meeting, think about your surroundings and what people can see and hear around you. i.e. family photos (particularly of children), loud music, TV etc. Why not experiment with adding a ‘virtual background’ for complete confidentiality (specific system requirements are needed to support this, so depending on your device/OS system, virtual background may not be a best option for you). Generic Rotary backdrops for use with online meeting platforms are available below under ‘Resources’.
  • Use the ‘Lock Meeting’ facility. When everyone is in the meeting, lock down the meeting room to prevent others from entering. To do this, click ‘Manage Participants’ on the on-screen tool bar. At the bottom of the listed participants, there are 3 options (Mute All, Unmute All, More), select ‘More’ and then select ‘Lock Room’ from drop down options.
  • Chat function and recording – If the meeting is being recorded, the ‘chats’ between participants can be recorded and downloaded. Even a private chat between two people can be downloaded by the host.
  • Inclusivity – remember, not everyone will be tech savvy. Offer help to members/participants to ensure they can participate in online meetings safely and stay fully inclusive in Rotary activities.

As many clubs are using Zoom it’s also feasible for you to visit some of their meetings if you contact them.