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The Competition

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Young Musician of the Year 2023

I am pleased to send you details of the Young Musician Competition for 2023 being held by the Rotary Club of Banbury. The Competition will be held at Tudor Hall School, Banbury. Preliminary Rounds on Friday 20th January and Saturday 21st January, and the Finals on Saturday 4th February 2023. This competition has run successfully for many years, giving many young people valuable performance experience and, for some, it has been a launch-pad towards a career in Music.

Apart from competing for one of the many trophies, this year a prize of £100 will be awarded to the Young Musician of the Year and £25 to the Junior Young Musician of the Year. There will be trophies awarded to all the winners for each class throughout the competition. So please do take part as a soloist, or perhaps you could form a duet with someone especially for this competition. Where duets have a piano accompaniment part, this may be played by an adult.

This year there will be two Ensemble Classes (Junior, Intermediate/Senior), with separate trophies for mixed and vocal ensembles. All performers in the Junior Class must be 8-11 years of age, the Intermediate/Senior Class may involve younger performers. For all ensembles, where there is a piano accompaniment part, this may be played by an adult. Electronic backing tracks may be used.

More than one piece may be performed in the Preliminary Rounds as long as the time limit is not exceeded, but in the Finals only one piece is required.

Again this year, as there are only 2 weeks between the Heats and the Finals, entrants will be given their report immediately after the Heat, and you will be asked to play/sing the same piece if you get into the Final. It is impossible for us to do all the administration and finalize the Final’s programme otherwise.

In response to suggestions made by teachers and competitors we will continue with the Junior Finals being held separately on the afternoon of Saturday 4th February followed by the Intermediate and Senior Finals later that evening.

You will find enclosed with this letter a handbill, giving full details of the competition, and three application forms. Do join us and help make this another successful year of competition. The closing date for entry is Saturday 3rd December 2022.

Further copies of all documents can be downloaded from the Rotary Club of Banbury website:

We have used your contact details in order to administer this event: personal data is handled in accordance with the Privacy Notice outlined on the Rotary Club of Banbury website:

Please be aware that this competition is a public event at which photographs may be taken for media purposes. With best wishes,

Gareth Jeremy

Competition Organiser

P.S. If you are unable to participate this year, please feel free to pass on these details to someone else who may be able to do so. We prefer to rely on personal recommendations by parents, students and teachers rather than incur the expensive costs of advertising.