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P4P Crocus Concerts 2017


St Mary’s Church Banbury
7pm Tuesday 7th and Thursday 9th March
Students from all Banbury and District Secondary Schools sing to eradicate polio!

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 1608_PolioAugust 2016
Rtn Andrew McHugh Takes Aim at the Polio Virus
It’s the Final Push!
After three decades…
The battle is nearly won!



September 2016
87,700 corms ready to plant in Cherwell District
40,000 for Bicester and Kidlington
20,000 to Spiceball Car Park Gardens
10,000 to Spiceball Park Play Area
500 to each secondary School
270 to each of ten primary schools
The rest to community groups and the public

October 2016
Crocus Corms Giveaway
At Castle Quay and Banbury Market Place
By Banbury and Banbury Cherwell Rotary Clubs
Celebrating World Polio Day – October 24th
The Bells at St Mary’s ring a Quarter Peal
To celebrate the local effort


November 2016
Crocus Badges raise awareness
Every £1 Donation becomes £3!
Thanks to Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
The Wild Polio Virus remains in just 3 countries
Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan
Until these are clear, the world remains at risk


1612_polioDecember 2016
The last few crocus corms are planted at Katharine House
Banbury’s 47,700 in total…
We counted them in…
We planted them…
With the help of Students and Senior Citizens
All 47,700, Here go the last three…
47,698, 47,699, 47,700!
Time to grow – ready to blossom
In time for the “CROCUS CONCERTS”1701_polio
January and February 2017
The Local Crocus Concerts Project 2013-2018 continues
Supporting an International Resolve to End Polio by 2018…
Partnership between Rotary and Local Secondary Schools –
Banbury Academy, Blessed George Napier, Bloxham, Chenderit, North Oxfordshire Academy, Sibford School, Warriner and Tudor Hall + Bloxham and Middleton Cheney Primary Schools in 2015 and then 27 primary schools in 2016 raising funds through concerts and other fundraising events 1702_polio

Project Supported by CDC and Banbury Town Council, Sanctuary Housing and Banbury Charities
Concerts at St Mary’s Church supported by LiveArts Team

Over £13,000 sent to End Polio Campaign 2014-2016  Trebled by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation –
Enough to immunise around 120,000 children! 

We are making a difference!
Buy a ticket for one of this year’s concerts!
Have a good night out –
And at the same time help eradicate polio for good!