Banbury Club Bulletin – Nov 2019


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You can access pdf copies of almost all the monthly club bulletins going back to 2006 via the above menu (Our Club > Monthly bulletins) or just click here.!

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If you’re a member who has missed a meeting, or are a non-member who wants an idea of what happens at Rotary, then taking a look through our award winning bulletin might be a usefil thing to do.

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What we do.

The bottom line is that we exist to provide service to the community (local, natonal and international) from within an organisation providing friendship and fellowship and mutual support.

Below are just a few of the community projects we’ve been engaged with recently. You can read more about some of these by checking out the other posts on this site.

………………and lots, lots more

Who are We?

Members of the Banbury Rotary Club come from just about every walk of life.
We’ve got men and women who are working, or have worked, in Engineering and manufacturing, retail, industrial chemistry, ground maintenance, social care, management consultancy, local government, education, sales and marketing, health and leisure, the NHS, accountancy, the police, estate agency, hotel management, corporate finance, foundry and metallurgical, transport and logistics, agriculture, dentists, security, lawyers ….. in fact – you name it and we’ve probably got a member with either experience or connections.

  • What we are is a ‘roll-up-your sleeves and find some solutions’ group of people of action.
  • What we aren’t is a stuffy bunch of folk looking to feed our egos.

Why become a Rotarian?

  • A Rotarian is simply a member of a Rotary Club. (See What’s Rotary)
  • If you join our club you become a member of Banbury Rotary and it’s with that group of Rotarians that you’ll be working most closely to help the community.
  • You’ll also be welcomed at almost 2000 Rotary Clubs up and down Great Britain and Ireland  and more than 33,000 clubs globally!
  • You’ll work voluntarily on the sorts of projects set out on the “What we do” page

What’s in it for me?

Well – if you’re a person of action then – in a word – LOTS!

Being part of Rotary is more than just giving back to the community.

It is also about you bringing your skills, experience and enthusiasm into play in a way that helps it thrive, whilst making some great friends along the way.

Our club is a friendly place which invites speakers from a wide range of backgrounds to share their knowledge, increasing the social and cultural understanding that we can bring to bear on projects.

What’s Rotary?

Rotary is a global network of 1.2 million neighbours, friends, leaders, and problem-solvers who see a world where people of action can unite to create lasting change across the globe, in our communities, and also in ourselves.

There are six broad causes that focuses our work focuses upon:

    1. Promoting peace
    2. Fighting disease
    3. Providing clean water, sanitation, and hygiene
    4. Saving mothers and children
    5. Supporting education
    6. Growing local economies