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Crocodile apprehended in Plastic Blitz – 2 June 2024

In the quaint market town of Banbury lived John.

It was Saturday and, although not in his first flush of youth, John donned his Rotary Hi-Vis gear to join several other Banbury Rotary members. They were all ready to commence the Rotary “Plastic Blitz” project of cleaning up the debris littering the local canal in Spiceball Park.

As John collected cans and plastic litter from the verdant canal-side he was suddenly faced with a crocodile floating lazily down the canal, its jaws wide open as if waiting for unsuspecting prey.
Many would have been filled with terror – but not John! His eyes twinkled as he reached into the murky water and – ignoring the mocking stare from those cold green eyes – grabbed it by the tail and swung it onto the canal-side. “Gotcha!” he exclaimed, triumphantly.

It took some time to subdue the beast but finally there he stood like a proud Victorian hunter – the crocodile compliantly stationary beneath his feet. John – generous as always – allowed his Rotary colleagues to muscle in on the photos of his epic escapade.

And so it was that after the Rotary team had collected 8 large bin-bags of plastic and litter and pulled 6 shopping trolleys from the water, along with much other assorted debris AND A CROCODILE, that Plastic Blitz was declared complete for another year.

Banbury Rotary Club is a club with over 50 members but we have such a full calendar of activities that we’re always looking for new active people to join. Your gender, ethnicity, job or religion is of no relevance to us but if you’re the sort of person who likes to support your community and roll up your sleeves and get things done – we’d love to talk to you! Speak to a Rotary member or contact us through the website.

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