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Skittles Fun – Nov 2023

And so it was that twenty intrepid explorers set out to find the hidden skittle alleys of Oxfordshire.

Despite the skid hazards of the dark leaf covered autumn roads and the tank trap potholes calculated to cause cars to totally disappear into them – everyone eventually made it to the starting line.

At first the atmosphere was jolly and only mildly competitive as both teams demonstrated their equal lack of prowess in the sport during the run up to the fine dining event – fish and chips with wooden forks!

Post-dining the mood changed as the aptly named individual game of killer commenced. The pins stood defiantly unaware of the impending onslaught as the ball, a meteor of destiny, hurtled down the lane with the force of a thousand hurricanes – surprisingly often – passing skilfully through the narrow gaps between them.

As this cosmic clash neared it’s final stages it remained unclear whether the President of Cherwell Rotary or the Chair of Banbury Rotary Sports and Entertainment might triumph. In a final epic display of unparalleled skill and sheer dominance, the years of experience at Banbury Cricket Club shon through and the champion ascended the podium, raising the Killer’s Cup. Well done Martin.

Thanks Ian for organising this fun event.

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