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Banbury Rotary: Helping Ukraine – Apr 2022

Banbury Rotary Club – Making a Difference


Because Rotary has unique contact with colleagues on the frontline – we have our fingers on the pulse – we can source, target and deliver medical aid to the point of need.

This week Banbury Rotary Club sent a cheque for £1000 to the Rotary Ukraine Appeal. The money was immediately made avaiable to the International Rotary Fellowship of Healthcare Professionals and one of the main coordinators responded – “This is wonderful news. I’ve just finished a meeting with colleagues from frontline countries – the conditions there are desperate. They requested some emergency medications. I was delighted to be able to authorise the purchase of these in Austria – ordered through Rotary there. The drugs will be transported by Rotaractors (Rotary Youth Clubs) to the border and handed over to colleagues in Ukraine. This is the magic of Rotary. Please say thank you to your members – from our medics in Ukraine and their patients”.

No snails-pace bureaucracy: just immediate assistance to those that need it!

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