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Action on the Environment – July 2022

Although Rotary has always been concerned with the environment, more recently it has been elevated to a key area of focus.

Banbury Rotary Club is involved with a number of projects to improve the environment ranging from cleaning up the canal to planting crocuses in public places.

An example of our encouraging recycling is the Blister-pack project.

The plastic and metal foil packets that your pills come in cannot be recycled locally and so would go to landfill but Banbury Rotary is part of a scheme to collect and recycle them. We started this scheme at the start of September 2021, initially for members and friends, and then widened it to include local pharmacies, church groups, sheltered housing centres, a number of other organisations and some village groups. We now have 25 collection points and in just 10 months have ‘rescued over 200 large sacks of blister-packs to be recycled.

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