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Talk – Stoke Madeville Spinal Research – May 2021

Derek Cutler of Stoke Madeville Spinal Research outlined the work of the above charity.

The focus of this particular charity was upon ameliorating the impact of spinal injury:  research that currently falls into 4 main categories:

  1. assistive technology
  2. urinary infections
  3. pressure ulcers
  4. nerve pain

He touched upon a range of new approaches being explored. These included:

  • Cingulotomy – cutting brain pathways – to reduce nerve pain
  • Oculus virtual reality games as an alternative limb rehabilitation strategy
  • Gentamycin instillations to reduce the incidence of bladder infections on patients using cathetes.
  • New ways to prevent and treat pressure ulcers and their consequential problems.

You can find further information about the work of the charity here:

Like most charities, charitable donations to SMSR have been drastically affected by the pandemic.

You can donate to the charity here:




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