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Rotary Help for Vaccination Teams

Giving Covid a good kicking pricking.

I know that lockdown and the cancelation of so many of our projects (except the Christmas Street Organ collection) has made the last 10 months very frustrating for our club members, as it has for Rotarians everywhere. So a late phone call on Wednesday lunch time from Banbury Cross Health Centre asking if we could help to marshal 600 patients for their Saturday morning Covid  vaccination programme, gave us a chance to get back to some “Service Above Self”

I had suggested they contact us if they were short of volunteers and of course it was a bit of a late call due to availability of vaccine supplies. However, seven of us were able to respond to the request, so armed with tabards and masks and adopting the mantra “Keep Calm and Carry On” we reported for duty.

The program ran from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and we arrived at 8.30 to be given our duties. Alan, Charles and Jonathan were on car park duty (and it was cold!) while Surinder, Alison, Malcolm Douglas and I had locations in the building, guiding patients to achieve a swift throughput. Inoculations took place over two floors.

The whole operation had been really well organised, the Centre staff friendly and efficient and I lost count of how many patients commented on how well the programme was run. Congratulations to all involved at Banbury Cross Health Centre.

And I can truthfully say that quite a few visitors thanked Rotary members for supporting the Health Centre – but as one lady said “that’s what Rotarians do”. For all of us it was great to do something worthwhile again and as Jonathan said, it was a pleasure to actually talk to people face to face (all be it social distancing) after months of only communicating with checkouts at supermarkets. Thanks all, a job well done.




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