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Together Talks: 20th Oct 2020

“Lessons Learned From Polio in Tackling COVID-19?” with Dr Michel Zaffran

Dr Zaffran is director of Polio Erdaication at the Worlsd Health Organisation. A project that has reduced World Polio by 99.99% and is on the verge of extinguishing it permanently.

TogetherTalks is a series of conversation events, connecting people from across the globe to a range of leading speakers from the worlds of business, volunteering, the charity sector and more. Brought to you by Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland.

  • 40 minute sessions
  • In-depth and sharp conversation around important topics
  • Q & As
  • Zoom Room Access
  • Live Stream Broadcast on the You Tube Channel

Whether you want to watch on the live-stream or participate via zoom you can register here.