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Rotary – brightening up Banbury Oct 2020

More crocus corms planted in Banbury

Crocus Planting to highlight the Purple for Polio Campaign

Ignoring the possibility that Friday 13th could be an unlucky day to venture outside, we needn’t have worried – we were lucky!!

The weather was fine and Rotarians Malcolm Dibb, Phil Cavill, Malcolm Douglas and John Bennett teamed up with some Cherwell District Council park rangers to plant this year’s consignment of crocus corms.

Our partnership with CDC and BTC has seen way over 100,000 purple crocus corms planted around the Banbury area in the last seven years, to publicise Rotary International’s on-going mission to eradicate polio worldwide.

The planting this year was on the site of the old Admiral Holland pub, in the bank opposite the shops, so don’t forget to look out for them in early spring time. They should add a welcome splash of colour!