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Change of website address

The address of this website has now changed. Instead of starting with        http://      it now starts with https://

If you enter the old address you’ll be redirected to the new one!

Many people will know https means the data flowing to and from the website is encrypted. (The majority of world’s websites do not use encrypted data.)

Without such encryption sites can be subject to so-called “man-in-the-middle” attacks  especially if users connect via unprotected wireless hotspots in cafes, pubs, stations etc.

A major driver for our move to https has been the decision of browser manufacturers : Google (chrome), Microsoft (Internet Explorer, M.S. Edge)  and Mozilla (Firefox) to start flagging up non-encrypted sites without https as not-secure:  something  highly relevant for sites carrying financial or other critical data: less so for largely informational sites.

The problem is that many users are alarmed and uncertain as to what such warnings are trying to tell them. Consequently even sites  not carrying critical information are now tending to move to encrypted https status – including us! 🙂