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Rotary Club Models

The Covid-19 outbreak has, of necessity, led clubs to innovate in order to sustain contact with members   This makes a  recent message from Rotary District 1090 setting out the variety of club models (including a case study) something we our PR and membership committee will doubtless be reflecting upon as we move into our brave new post-pandemic world.


You can read the case study in the members section.

Welcome to the new Team – July 2020

The ‘Rotary Year’ runs from 1st July to 30th June and so the meeting this week was the handover – albeit a Zoom affair.

Good luck to our new team who have the challenge of steering the club through a period when much of the work we would normally be engaged in is ‘on-hold’ pending improvements in the Covid-19 Pandemic situation.

The club, which is  is always studiously supportive of members facing health or other issues, quickly moved to Zoom meetings early on in the pandemic.
As we enter our 13th week of (the now reduced for most ) lockdown we know many members will have appreciated that extra link beyond their household that Rotary has afforded them though this period.

For more about the Principles of Rotary visit this page.



Treasurer Nominations Needed – Jun 2020

Members are requested to consider putting themselves forward for the position of treasurer.
Please click here to find out more. (Members Area.)