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Concerts will help children at home and abroad.

Funds raised at the forthcoming Children Singing for Children concerts will all be going to children’s charities.

The largest share will be going to a local charity, Children Seen and Heard. 

Money will also go to other local childrens charities and to third world education projects.

One such project, overseen by Banbury Rotary member Alan Wolstencroft, is taking place at at Kunduma School in Sierra Leonne  where 150+ kids currently have NO toilets, let alone a Blenheim Palace style GOLD one !

Work has begun at the school to build a 3 cubicle toilet block and the progress is going well.  EVERYTHING is done manually but the benefit of this is that local guys are earning a wage which will help them provide for their families and it also gives them a sense of ownership of the project.