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Guru Aasra Trust Talk – 18th Jan 2019


Rotarian Surinder Dhesi spoke as about the Guru Aasra Trust providing homes for the homeless in India.
She explained the background of the Trust’s formation and how it helps to provide care to children and prepare them for their life ahead.

Guru Aasra Trust in Mohali, India. The Trust was set up when four Sikh women were arrested and imprisoned after the 1984 Sikh massacre in Punjab,India and they made a pact with each other.
They promised whoever would survive should look after all of their children and two ladies survived and the other two did not.
The main objective of the Trust is to shape the lives of destitute children and give them a good education and enable them with skills to be
The Trust also looks after older people who have no other relatives and spouses and  children who are victims of drug abuse partners.

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