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Calvert Trust Expedition

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On the morning of Friday 15th July, Club members and partners visited the Griffiths Centre (GC) building at Frank Wise School.  This kind invitation had been extended in acknowledgement of Club having sponsored two GC students each year since 2012 to attend the Calvert Trust, Exmoor.  After serving refreshments, students Tim and James gave a short presentation on their recent experience at their activity weekend with the Calvert Trust. There, participants with physical, sensory and learning disabilities can experience exciting, challenging and enjoyable outdoor activity adventures such as archery, canoeing, zip wire and abseiling, and assisting other less capable participants in organised and social group activities.

The immediate challenge that Tim and James faced was that, although the course was fully accommodated and catered, they had to be individually independent outside their carefully supervised activities.  This was the first time that either student had been away from their regular home and school comforts and support of familiar staff or family, or having to organise themselves to such an extent without prompting.  Truth be told, James found it quite difficult to cope with his newfound independence and had some behavioural difficulties initially.  However, after encouragement with GC staff over the phone, and with Tim’s support, James recovered to take full advantage of the weekend.  This experience will prove invaluable in the near-term as James is about to leave Frank Wise to take a three year placement at a further education establishment in Cornwall that will train him in the hotel trade.  Tim has another year at GC after which he hopes to take a place at Banbury & Bicester College.

It has always been very satisfying for Members to hear direct personal feedback from this project, normally during a routine Friday talk.  Club is extremely proud to have worked with students and teachers from the Griffiths Centre at the Frank Wise School, and the Calvert Trust, Exmoor, and the Youth Services committee has recently recommended to Council that this sponsorship should continue in 2018.