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Club Outing to Cosford

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The Club Outing on 22nd April was attended by 13 members and partners. It was superbly organised by Nigel Yeadon and our thanks go to the Sports & Entertainment Committee for arranging a very interesting day.

RAF Cosford, along with Hendon, are the keepers of the country’s aviation heritage and the history and traditions of the Royal air Force. Housed in four buildings, Hangar 1 covers Transport & Training Aircraft and the Engine Collection. Our own qualified pilot, Ian Anthistle, gave a very knowledgable explanation of the workings of a jet engine in language even I could understand.

Building two focused on the Cold War with a display of 3 nuclear bombers, the Valiant, Vulcan & Victor and the Missile Collection. There was a great exhibit of how post 2nd World war Europe, the Berlin Blockade and the Iron Curtain affected relations between East & West.

Refreshed by lunch it was good to see and read about the Warplanes housed in building three, Spitfire, Hurricane, Messerschmitt & Mitsubishi fighters and a collection of bombers including an Avro Lincoln and De Havilland Mosquito.

Building Four had a great collection of test flight aircraft including the infamous TSR2 and the HS Harrier Jump Jet. For the brave there was a flight simulator and 4D Dog Fight Experience and an interactive centre.

An excellent visit, Nigel will be keeping up the high standards in the next Rotary year, so do make the effort to come along.