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Summer Fun

Summer FunTypical Rotary business meeting at the Fairbairns summer solstice splash. Two Vice’s and an asst Hon Sec cooling off on Saturday 21st June.

This Week is Club Assembly

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We look forward to this Friday’s meeting which is our Club Assembly.

Our incoming President, Phil Cavill, has his team for 2014-15 in place and at our Assembly they will be setting our plans for the coming Rotary year.  Phil has put together an excellent team and there are many exiting plans already formulated for the coming year.

Full details will appear in next week’ feature so keep watching this space.

Waterloo School Sierra Leone Update

Waterloo School

Waterloo School latest update Posted on 18 June 2014

We were well on track to complete Phase 2 BEFORE the rainy season started BUT due to losing a week of progress when Moneygram prevented me from transferring funds we have been unable to get the building painted – everything else is however finished.

Although this is very disappointing, when I set out on this project in January I never thought we would have got this far this quickly so I am trying to stay positive despite my frustration.

The school is however in the process of having ALL the furniture made  for Phase 2 and this should be completed fairly soon.

I would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who has donated and supported me with this project and as soon as the rainy season abates we will complete the building.

The next Phase will be the construction of extra toilet facilities at the school.

LARK – Link Hands with Rescued Kids


Ruth Champion, the current Chair of LARK and Libby Fuller (wife of former Club member David Fuller) joined us to speak about their work with this charity that was formed in 2005 and is based locally in Kings Sutton.

The charity’s origins date back to one of the Kings Sutton Baptist Church’s congregation members visiting a war torn Kenya in the early 2000’s and recognising the excellent work undertaken at a local Rescue Centre supporting orphaned, street children suffering abuse. On his return to the UK he outlined the awful conditions in Kenya, at that time, resulting from the civil war and the obvious need to fund protection for the children who were suffering wide ranging abuse, principally at the hands of warring soldiers. The rest is history as they say!

Since 2005 the Kings Sutton Church have raised substantial sums that have been transferred to the Rescue Centre in Kenya to provide daily food, increase the accommodation on site, provide primary, secondary education and vocational training for the young people. The result – the Centre has flourished and cared for and supported increasing numbers of young children. As an example Lark forwarded some £14k earlier this year to fund a new’ and independent ‘girls’ dormitory alongside that provided for the boys who have been rescued.

The charity has been successful in increasing membership within the UK and can now claim that circa 50% of its members are spread throughout the country, therefore substantially improving its fund raising potential. At the present time the charity is committed to transferring £4k per month to the Rescue Centre every other month on the basis that this amount will cover two thirds of the monthly overhead expenses.

The Rescue Centre is based in the town of Eldoret that is the administrative centre of the Uasin Gishu District in the western part of the country. It was founded in 1910, during the colonial era principally as a form of Post Office support for national and local communication purposes. It remains primarily an administrative rather than touristic location. It is situated in one of the poorest areas of the country and inhabited by the Nandi tribe. At the time of the civil war differences arose within the population, when an election was held and won by one of the principal tribes in the country. The Nandi population did not agree with the outcome – hence the bitterness and abuse that was seen.


Party for the blind


On Monday 19th May the Club hosted our annual party for 30 guests at the Methodist church in Marlborough Road.

The advance troops of Rotarians and other volunteers arrived promptly at 3pm to be drilled, by the boss, Helen Braisby, into a smooth, efficient team of multi-taskers who showed that it is possible to be skilled at erecting and laying tables as well as acting, later in the day, as supremely confident food servers/washer-uppers.

Thanks to the other team of Rotarian chauffeurs our guests all arrived in time to have a really fabulous tea of, amongst other things, freshly made sandwiches and fabulous varieties of cakes including a scrumptious, hot from the oven, Cornish heavy cake. Our sincere thanks go to Pat and Malcolm Dibb for all the enormous work in providing the catering.

The mayor of Banbury, Cllr. Sean Woodcock, was kind enough to attend the whole event and spent a great deal of time circulating amongst the party- goers and hearing some truly fascinating stories. He was particularly thrilled to meet George who had played for Stockport County as a professional footballer from 1936-38 being paid the princely sum of £10 per week.

A full hour of entertainment was provided through the auspices of Fred Riches who called upon his family and Florence the winner of our Young Musician of the Year. What a superb show and these sentiments were expressed in a vote of thanks both from the guests and the Mayor.

Of course behind the scenes the hall was cleared, the washing up done and everything put away and once the carriages had returned to take our guests home, we were able to reflect upon a very successful evening. Our thanks go to all the Rotarians who helped make the party truly special.

A very special thanks should be extended to Helen Braisby who pretty much did all the organising plus making the posies of flowers for each attendee to take home.

Here’s to next year – Simon Bion


Music to honour the brave 1914-1918

BSO A4 poster 28 JuneS

Music to honour the brave 1914-1918
By Banbury Symphony Orchestra in aid of the Royal British Legion and the Army Benevolent Fund
Saturday 28 June 2014
St Mary’s Church, Banbury at 7.30pm.
Tickets adults £10; Children £4.
Available from ;Tourist Information Centre, Banbury or tel no 01608 645589
1 Elgar Polonia: A Symphonic Prelude
2 Kelly Elegy for strings and harp: ‘In Memoriam Rupert Brook’
3 Britten Sinfonia da Requiem
4 Elgar Enigma Variations
5 Elgar ‘Land of Hope and Glory’

Club Outing to Cosford

RAF Cosford Visit

The Club Outing on 22nd April was attended by 13 members and partners. It was superbly organised by Nigel Yeadon and our thanks go to the Sports & Entertainment Committee for arranging a very interesting day.

RAF Cosford, along with Hendon, are the keepers of the country’s aviation heritage and the history and traditions of the Royal air Force. Housed in four buildings, Hangar 1 covers Transport & Training Aircraft and the Engine Collection. Our own qualified pilot, Ian Anthistle, gave a very knowledgable explanation of the workings of a jet engine in language even I could understand.

Building two focused on the Cold War with a display of 3 nuclear bombers, the Valiant, Vulcan & Victor and the Missile Collection. There was a great exhibit of how post 2nd World war Europe, the Berlin Blockade and the Iron Curtain affected relations between East & West.

Refreshed by lunch it was good to see and read about the Warplanes housed in building three, Spitfire, Hurricane, Messerschmitt & Mitsubishi fighters and a collection of bombers including an Avro Lincoln and De Havilland Mosquito.

Building Four had a great collection of test flight aircraft including the infamous TSR2 and the HS Harrier Jump Jet. For the brave there was a flight simulator and 4D Dog Fight Experience and an interactive centre.

An excellent visit, Nigel will be keeping up the high standards in the next Rotary year, so do make the effort to come along.

Sierra Leone update

“making a real difference in Sierra Leone”

Liverpool Community School, Waterloo, Freetown.

I apologise if there is a little repetition in the Newsletters BUT I am constantly adding people to my mailing list and need to make sure they have some background regarding the current project.

The project plan is to build and equip 8 classrooms, an office/storeroom, & 2 toilet blocks.

The first block of 4 classrooms was built & equipped with furniture in just 10 weeks.

Work began on the second block of 4 classrooms, incorporating the office/storeroom, on March 27th and this was the progress after just ONE week!!

Now, 5 weeks after starting, the block is built

& TODAY they finished the roofing.

As a direct result of my presentation at Torquay Conference I have received donations of £2,170 and with the donation of £3,000 from Banbury Rotary Club I now have ALL the funding in place to complete the building of the 4 classrooms.

Rendering, fitting the ceilings, installing the windows & doors, screeding the floors will all take place in the next couple of weeks and the last stage will be painting internally & externally.

We are well on track to complete the building before the rainy season starts at the end of May !!

With donations from a couple of recent talks, some local donations and a pledge for £500 I will also have adequate funding to pay for all the furniture for these 4 classrooms.

The next phase will be the building of 2 toilet blocks which will happen after the rainy season giving me time to raise more funds.

Currently I haven’t had to take advantage of the loan I was offered but it’s still there IF I need it.

To everyone who has contributed to this project and enabled so much to happen in such a short space of time – I am truly grateful for your help.

If what “WE CAN” do helps change the lives of just a few people then the effort is well worth it.

THANK YOU for helping me to continue to “make a real difference”.


Sierra Leone 2


End Polio Now

‘End Polio Now’ is an international campaign where all Rotary clubs around the world are coming together with the Gates foundation to raise funds to end the curse of this terrible disease.